Commercial Females

Kenny's Creek objective is to produce practical females that are simple and economic to manage. All our calves and calves are run under commercial conditions on mostly improved pastures with supplementary feeding when necessary. This allows for realistic early growth and milk production data to be collected and also starts the culling process for poor performers. 

The management and coordination of our sizeable cowherd brings us back to the realities of the beef industry. Each cow needs to produce and raise a calf each year without assistance. The fertility levels in the Kenny's Creek cowherd are at the leading edge of the Angus breed. 

We use our commercial herd as a benchmarking platform for the stud herd. The production data from the commercial herd gives us a strong indication of each sire's performance. We are then able to select more appropriate genetics for our stud females with an emphasis on doability and structural soundness. Throughout the process our operating costs remain realistic in comparison to competing livestock operations.