KC Natural - China 

Beef and Lamb 牛肉&羊肉

The quality of our beef is underpinned by the low stress grass environment our cattle are raised upon. All KC Natural beef is hormone free comes from a farm that practices sustainability and treats animals in humane ways. After slaughter our cattle are rigorously quality tested to ensure quality, safety and consistency.


Our Cattle are primarily processed through Cassino Est 239 which meets all Chinese accreditation and export requirements.

我们的家畜目前均全部经过符合中国相关认证及出口要求的 Cassino #239 厂加工。


Kenny's Creek Grass Fed Angus

  • Grass fed/Yearling Prime *YP* 0 to 4 tooth/ Cattle from Kenny's Creek Partners in New South Wales
  • Sold as frozen beef, natural fall full sets, minimum orders of 24.5 tonnes

 Kenny's Creek 草饲安格斯小牛

  • 草饲喂养/中青年牛肉 *YP* (0-4颗恒切齿)/来自于新南威尔士州的Kenny's Creek Partners的家畜
  • 冷冻牛肉/全牛/起订量24.5吨

Kenny's Creek Grain Fed Angus

  • Grain fed for 70 or 100 days/Yearling Prime *YP* 0 to 4 tooth
  • Sold as frozen beef, natural fall full sets, minimum orders of 24.5 tonnes

Kenny's Creek 谷饲安格斯小牛

  • 谷饲喂养70-100天/中青年牛肉*YP*(0-4颗恒切齿)
  • 冷冻牛肉/全牛/起订量24.5吨

Northern Natural Beef

  • Grass fed/ Hormone Free/ Brahman cross/ Yearling Prime *YP* 0 to 4 tooth or Steer *S*
  • Sold as frozen beef, natural fall full sets, minimum orders of 24.5 tonnes


  • 草饲/无激素/杂交婆罗门牛/中青年牛肉*YP* (0-4颗恒切齿)或*S*级牛肉
  • 冷冻牛肉/全牛/起订量24.5吨

Greenhills Wagyu

  • Full blood Wagyu/ Grass fed or grain fed/ Hormone free/ Grain fed up to 500 days/ Marble score 5 to 9
  • Sold as natural fall full sets. Freighted via Air. Minimum order 1.4 tonnes

Greenhills 和牛

  • 纯种和牛/草饲或谷饲喂养/无激素/谷饲喂养满500天/5-9条大理石花纹
  • 全牛/航空运输/起订量1.4吨.

 Boorowa River Lamb

  • Grass fed lamb from southern NSW
  • Sold as six way cut, minimum order 24.5 tonne

Boorowa River 羊肉

  • 新南威尔士州南部草饲喂养羊
  • 六分体,起订量24.5吨.


Angus Genetics

The genetics of the herd have been developed over 25 years of concentrated breeding and are supplied to over 100 clients annually. Each year we run a large-scale embryo breeding program which gives us significant production capacity. This allows only the highest quality genetics to be offered. All export genetics meet Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service requirements

  • Angus Semen - Minimum order of 500 straws
  •  Angus Embryo - Minimum order of 200 embryos
  • Breeding stock - breeding females and herd animals as live export



安格斯精液 - 起订量500根吸管

安格斯胚胎 - 起订量200个胚胎

安格斯种牛 - 母牛和小牛群, 活畜出口


Our People

Nick Burton Taylor- Principal

Former Chairman of Australia's largest landowner and cattle producer, Australian Agricultural Co with a herd of 600,000 head.

Sam Burton Taylor - Managing Director

Sam is a butcher and farmer. He looks after all red meat operations including wholesale, retail and online.

The KC team including 

Adam Withers (stud operations) and Ben Raynolds (commercial)

KC China Team

Will Kerins, Rick Minchom and David Anderson


Nick Burton Taylor - 负责人


Sam Burton Taylor - 总经理




  • Adam Withers  - 种牛作业
  • Ben Raynolds - 广告部


  • Will Kerins
  • Rick Minchom
  • David Anderson

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