Kenny's Creek 2016 Bull Sale Introduction

For over 25 year Kenny's Creek has been holding a bull sale at Hillgrove in the Autumn.  During this period most of our clients have moved to a  Spring calving and as a consequence we have seen the Spring sale become our premier sale of the year.

From 2016 onwards the Spring bull sale will be our only bull sale in New South Wales.  To look after all of those loyal clients who have stuck with the Autumn sale over the years and still seek bulls at that time of year, we will be conducting a Private Treaty Sale at the conclusion of the Southern Slopes Angus female sale which will be held in Boorowa on the first Wednesday in May, namely, 4th May 2016.

We will have listed for sale, on a first come first served basis, 15 Herd Book Registered bulls and 10 Commercial Angus bulls that were originally bred for the Australian Agricultural Company, in a contract breeding exercise that was concluded at the end of last year when they moved entirely to Wagyu. For some of our Queensland clients we are also going to have for sale 10 Brangus bulls that were bred at Breakfast Creek Station for our own Northern program.

We have available, all year round, bulls for sale by Private Treaty, and indeed we sell nearly 25% of our bulls in this manner.  Just contact Adam Withers, Kenny's Creek Angus Stud Manager, for availability and to arrange an inspection.

Looking forward to catching up sometime during 2016. 

Nick Burton Taylor

Kenny's Creek Angus

February 2016