Auctions Plus sale of the week - 08 April 2017


Kenny's Creek, Boorowa

Had an excellent Auctions Plus sale this week over 3 lots of steers as did Hillgrove P/C, Boorowa on their PTIC heifers and cow and calf units. 

Kenny's Creek, Boorowa, sold 80 weaned steers weighing 248.2kgs avg for $1100/hd. Coming back at $4.43c/kg.

Kenny's Creek again sold 89 weaned steers weighing 226.6 avg for $1070/hd. Coming back at $4.72c/kg. 

Another 62 weaned steers were sold by Kenny's Creek weighing 194.2kg for $950/hd. Returning $4.89c/kg.

This is an outstanding sale on the online format and are a credit to the vendor.   


Hillgrove Pastoral Co, Boorowa

Also, had plenty of success on Auctions Plus yesterday.

Hillgrove sold 46 PTIC heifers, in calf to Kenny's Creek bulls, weighing 444.1kg in two runs for a return of $1890/hd. 

Another run of 23 PTIC heifers, again in calf to Kenny's Creek bulls, at the same weight for $1885/hd. 

Hillgrove P/C also sold 3 lots of cows and calves with great success. 

The first lot of 30x30 angus cows and calves, cows at 448.3kg average and calves 58kgs average sold for an outstanding $2935. Calves were by Kenny's Creek bulls and cows were on their first calf. 

The second lot of cows and calves were the same in description and made the same money, totalling 60x60 at $2935.

Hillgrove's third lot were a lot of 27x27 cows and calves, with the cows weighing 441.6kg average and the calves 59kg avg. This lot came back at $2925/hd. 

As seen, Auctions Plus was very strong on Friday with the cow and calf units selling particularly well.