“Start the way you want to finish” – I remember my father saying this to me many times over the years as I was establishing the business.

There are many things that make us different as a business, and it is a lot more than vertical integration. If I had to narrow it down I would say there are three things that really define us and that have given us the opportunity to grow as a business.

Connection to commercial production values
We purchase Kenny’s Creek female bloodlines from clients for joining. We run our own 1000 cow commercial Angus herd which provides a benchmark on performance. We are our own bull client. Each year 30–40 of our bulls are used internally as back up to our fixed time AI program. AI is done using our own custom collect semen. We are managers of a commercial feedlot – The Mount. We purchase clients feeders steers and match data from feedlot performance to genetics and EBV’s. 

Connection to international markets
We travel nationally and abroad to analyse the best genetics and new cattle technologies. KC Natural is a processor, exporter, wholesaler and retailer which gives us insight into world markets and each level of the supply chain. KC Natural gathers feedback on carcase performance to link to Kenny’s Creek Angus genetic programs.

Connection to bull clients
Our deep understanding of the industry helps us understand and tailor genetics to our clients’ herds. We focus on the results of clients’ breeding strategies by being an active participant in the marketing of livestock and purchasing through our buyback program. 

7 reasons Kenny’s Creek bulls will do the job
1. Doing ability – grass fed bulls at all times in their life.
2. Fertility – each female in our herd has get in calf, calve unassisted, rear a calf and get back in calf within a 12 month period. 
3. Disciplined objectivity – bulls are independently assessed for temperament, structure and conformity by Jim Green (Beefxcel).
4. Tested and tested again – All bulls are service ability tested prior to sale. Each bull has been vet checked by Holbrook Vet clinics including testicles, penile function and tested non PI (pesti virus).
5. Known bloodlines – we only use bulls or semen from sires we have inspected. We avoid surprises in our bull and female progeny – predictability is the key.
6. Commerciality – we use our own bulls for our commercial breeding program. Since Spring last year we have joined, through AI and natural joinings, 3,500 of our own females using our own bulls and semen.
7. Breeding philosophies – we believe in the long term breeding philosophies of our program. Our philosophies have evolved over nearly 30 years in breeding Angus cattle commercially and for stud.