Cow Families

Quality female lines are the foundation of any great cattle herd. Our cow herd emphasis has always been on fertility, longevity and
producing moderate, deep framed females. These cow families continue to produce functional and phenotypically appealing cattle
for our herd.


Started with the purchase of K150 in 1991, she was a 1990 drop calf. K150 grew into a moderate framed cow, very docile, fertile and trait leading carcase. Showing tremendous longevity and living until nearly 22 years of age. Now she is +4.3 Calving Ease and +2.1 IMF with 91 registered progeny in 6 herds. Some standout daughters are U72 with 14 progeny, Q120 with 66 progeny, Y120 with 22 progeny and A341 and D147. The Bara family continues to impress these traits now. 


Embryos were imported from Fink Beef Genetics, Kansas USA in 2001. The donor cow was Finks Miss 8315 and the sire was GAR Precision 1680. From these embryos there were 8 daughters. Kenny's Creek used X56 as a donor cow resulting in 12 progeny. Other females from these embryos are X34, purchased by Welcome Swallow, X44, purchased by Old Bundemar and X51, purchased by Bill Cornell and St. Paul's Angus. Our top priced cow in 2014 was D118 purchased by Moore Park Livestock, Glen Innes. The Finks Miss family has a very consistent phenotype and extra thickness and body depth.


V254 purchased from Te Mania in 2004, she was a productive donor cow having 87 progeny in 5 herds. Her daughters have been donors at Sterita Park, Te Mania and Paringa. Daughters have bred on particuarly well, like C27 with 28 progeny, who was sold in 2014 to Redbank Angus. Sons of V254 have reguarly topped bull sales. The Mittagong family breeds exceptional phenotype and strong maternal dams.


Gets its name from sire Lord Patriot, the corner stone cow was T97 with 55 progeny. Other donor cows have been W37 with 62 progeny and X320. The Patriot cow line is one of the bigger framed cow families at Kenny's Creek.


Started with Scotch Cap OB45 embryos purchased from Ardrossan Angus. V82 was the most proficient donor of this family with 63 progeny. A couple of daughters carried on as donors, C711 has 28 progeny and was sold to Bannaby Angus in 2011. Her flush sister C715 had 48 progeny. The Saturn family is a moderate frame line with very good maternal and carcase qualities. 


Kenny's Creek purchased T138 from Ardrossan, a big framed matron by 036 x Q82. T138 was born in 1998 and her IMF EBV still stacks up well at +3.2 with 28 progeny recorded. The Wilcoola family are typified by large framed cows with good udders and rib angle.