Female Sale 2019

WEDNESDAY 22nd May 2019


Kenny’s Creek has a history of having female sales. For each sale we make sure there is a genuine offering with clear parameters around what is being sold. In May 2014 we sold all cows four years and older and in December 2016 our sale featured strongly the clearance of all of our Autumn joined cattle. This year’s sale was no exception – Kenny’s Creek sold cattle over four years of age plus a selection of cows from the 2015 and 2016 year groups.

People carefully picked the genetics that were needed for their program and this was reflected in a fifty percent clearance for an average of $5,431 and the highest price ever paid for a Kenny’s Creek female $24,000. There was a bias towards females capable of going into a donor program and which represented strong carcase particular IMF, positive fat and trait leading growth. Not withstanding the difficult season the females presented to a very high standard and showed the benefit of underlying positive EBVs for rib and rump fat.

While a tough day for the Kenny’s Creek team, it was on reflection, pleasing to see such strong demand for the elite cows with a strong following of those present and competition on AuctionsPlus.

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