QUALITY ANGUS BEEF - bred to perform

Kenny's Creek is a commercially focused beef operation located in Boorowa, NSW. We produce cattle that are structurally sound, fertile and have good carcase merit. We run approximately 450 breeding females and hold an on-property bull sale each year. Our vision is from the genetics to the carcase with a key focus on return per hectare for commercial cattle farmers. Kenny’s Creek prides itself on being reliable, practical and affordable.


For what has been the most brutal of droughts there should be optimism for the cattle cycle that lies before us. In recent weeks we have seen cow prices increase and similar to the rebound in mid 2014 it has happened prior to widespread rain and a clear break from the drought. Already cow prices in Victoria are up some 25% with NSW and Queensland lagging but still following the trend higher the trend higher. Read more

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Preg test results from Kenny’s Creek Cows.
94 cows – 100% in calf. 78 heifers – 74 in calf.

Tim Sullivan