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Meet Our Team

The backbone of our business.

Sam Burton Taylor
Managing Director

Sam is the principal at Kenny’s Creek Angus. A butcher by trade, Sam runs his own beef export business, KC Natural. Sam’s regular trips to China give insight into the current trends in the international beef industry. Sam brings his knowledge of livestock, processing, sales, finances and client services to Kenny’s Creek.

Ben Raynolds
Farm Manager

Ben is the manager of Breakfast Creek Station, the base of our heifer breeding program and commercial female herd. Ben’s consistent hard work and dedication can be seen in the healthy pastures and cattle management at Breakfast Creek.

Nick Burton Taylor

Nick is the founder of Kenny’s Creek Angus. Nick started the Angus stud over 25 years ago with a key focus on production efficiency and quality genetics. Nick remains active on multiple company boards, bringing vast experience and industry knowledge to the operations at Kenny’s Creek.

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